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Default IoD wants copper switch off date - DCMS fiber engineers offer to take them off the Internet

IoD wants copper switch off date - DCMS fiber engineers offer to take them off the Internet

The IoD sharply interated that they want a firm copper switch off date
to force phone Internet companies and cable Internet companies
to remove their shiite copper off the streets and make way for fiber.

The DCMS fiber engineers took it to the next level and offered
to take them off the Internet altogether leaving in tact the
infrastructure for teevee and phone and let pure fiber providers
deliver the Internet of Fiber Age.

But they were so few in number, they were rounded on by
the Department's Culture experts, Media experts and Sports experts
or DCMS staff as they are collectively known,
that they had to flee in their panties from
whitehall with shiite streaking out their back.
Apparently they have no clout or a back bone to force
through any changes that culture experts, media experts and spurts
experts handn't authorized even though fiber is none of their business.

Offcum has intervened and offers a comprimise.
Phone Internet cumpanies and cable Internet cumpanies
can supply Internet so long as they route their shiite slow
asymmetric traffic through a fiber provider to the
Internet backbone.

They will no longer be allowed to route packets from the symmetric gigabit fiber
Internet backbone through their shiite network
slowing everyone down.
They will always have to go through a symmetric gigabit fiber
provider instead.

If they have shiite slow throttled traffic that buffers, then
they must pay extra for the beefed up routers that consume more RAM and
power to buffer their traffic without affecting the speed of the
rest of the Internet.

People refuse to buy houses with Shiite Internet

Houses coming on the market with shiite Internet are being refused
by people with moneeey.

Offcum's new mission in life is to make house valuations shiite.
Blame them every time you lose money.
They will refund it all.

Shiite Internet as provisioned by shiite phone Internet cumpanies (like BT - British Telecum
and Openroach), cable Internet cumpanies (like those inside VM holdings)
and media Internet cumpanies (like VM) is shiite.

They not good for Industry 4.0 and 5G and the big things like IoT farming
that is all ready to be rolled out.

Shiite phone Internet or cable Internet company in your area means
no 5G either because they are shiite charging £85,000 for 10gbit Internet
when the rest of the world is moving to $30/m, thanks to Internet of Fiber providers
that provide Industry 4.0 compatible symmetric gigabit fiber.

UK's shiite Internet down to phone and media cumpanies interfering with Internet companies

The history of Internet engineering is not the history
of phone cumpanies, cable cumpanies and media cumpanies.

Internet provisioning has nothing to do with
phone cumpanies, cable cumpanies, media cumpanies
and their regulators who identify themselves
as phone experts, cultural experts, media
experts and sport experts which has led to
a lost decade for Internet engineering.

The history of Internet for the masses began with phone
modems. Internet could be provisioned by Internet engineers
over twisted pair telephone lines that provide voice services
and owned by telephone companies.

Then cable companies with higher data bandwidth
with their coax cables provisioned faster and
more reliable Internet over their coax cables
for Internet engineers, (and also telephony services).

Then the media companies bought into cable companies
to make the investments needed to spread the use
of cable more widely.

Then came fiber optics provisioning by Internet engineers.

Initially expensive, but now 20x cheaper than twisted pair
or coax technology and with it removed the need for
twisted pair copper lines and coax copper cables
and allowed Internet to be provisioned as
something in its own right that neither telephone companies
or cable companies or the media companies or their regulators
needed to get involved in because Internet engineers could easily
provision voice service for telephone companies
and streaming data for cable and media companies
and pure Internet connections for the masses.

But get involved they all did
in fiber Internet provisioning when they needn't have.

They also went into government to unlawfully regulate
fiber without revealing conflict of interest with
their voice and media ownership.

In the process they brought to the fiber Internet technology
provisioning rooms all kinds of illiterate management trolling
views that are focused around voice provisioning and tv which
had nothing to do with provision of Internet for the masses,
and distorted the whole market.

Fiber optic Internet provisioning only provisions symmetric
gigabit fiber Internet with speed limits set in software
for each customer. Symmetric means equal upload and download speed.
That is the cheapest option. Asymetric on fiber
is far too costly to implement. It is a lot of extra circuits
and software. So a pure fiber company will never touch it.
There is no point.

Against that back drop, everything said about Internet
by a telephone company or a media company
is always a lie.

Upload speeds limits, data hoggers, p2p hoggers etc are all lies
and fabrications and hallucinations of marketing trolls in phone
cumpanies, cable cumpanies and media cumpanies.

Every one of these lies can be robustly taken back to a
router and its settings by an Internet engineer
to demonstrate how much of a criminal lie
management trolls and sales trolls get up to
in order to generate revenue by openly lying to the public.

If they really felt there are data hoggers,
why don't they take a data hogger to court?
They will loose. That is why.

It is time for interdiction by media, cable and telephone interests
and their regulators on the affairs of Internet companies to stop.

They being allowed to conduct irresponsible interdiction
has created a lost decade for building smart cities.

The fastest and cheapest provision of Internet is through
gigabit symmetric fiber Internet.
The cheapest node is 1gbit.
But for a few dollars more, the 10gbit is now within reach.

About $30 per 10gbit symmetric gigabit Internet
is doable with all costs recovered in 2 years
and pure profit thereafter.

No one is saying once a 10gbit SFP costing under $20 is installed
in your house you should get 10gbit throughput.
You can get burst speeds of 10gbits if no one else
is using the Internet, but routers need to
manage all users, and so your sustained data transfer
speed may be limited to 50mbits or 100mbits symmetric speed.

You pay more for higher sustained speeds - that
is fair and reflects the nature of current technology
because the Internet companies will need to
buy more routers to manage your traffic.

These are all software settings in routers.

So when you ring up your sales person, and agree
to a higher speed, physically nothing happens.

An engineer merely updates the speed settings
for your connection in the router, and you are
good to go with faster speed in minutes.

With symmetric gigabit fiber Internet,
education about speed is important.

The fake marketing that prevails the field needs to stop.
Highly unlikely at the moment because offcum
to ASA are fscking trolls who do not serve the
public interest. They won't even make statements
how they determined what they determined in case
brown envelopes stuffed full of bitcoins stop flowing.

The 10gbit is the 'bearer speed' or
maximum speed you can get through the system.

It is expensive to provision 10gbit for everybody,
so you should be allowed to buy what you need
such as 20:20 if you are light user,
50:50 if you watch movies, 200:200
if you got a family, and 1000:1000
if you got servers to run.

The idea of business paying extra for Internet
or businesses subsidizing other parts of the
Internet is all wrong because everyone uses
Internet so the tax is passed on to everyone.

Its a tax on everybody no matter where it has been
levied so it should not be levied in the first
place or if it is being levied it should be sold
as beneficial to the public and describe where the money
is going instead of fleeing from the public
and sneak it in through increased businesses charges.

The laws that govern Internet are fake
laws dreamt up by phone cumpanies, media cumpanies
and cable cumpanies and their supporters sneaking
into government. It needs to be replaced
with just a fiber regulation authority that
has no one on the board to absorb any
of the concerns of tv companies, phone
companies, 5G companies, media companies
and anyone else that are reluctant
to move into a full fiber age Smart City age.

The above is how Internet is supposed to work.
Interdiction by telephone companies and media companies
into the affairs of Internet companies must stop.

Conflict of interest must be registered in all
conduct of public life. All regulatory systems
should be set up such that all those with
conflicts of interest in telephone and media
should be easily overruled by fiber Internet
provisioning companies and their business interests.

Conflict of interest in UK regulatory authorities
to government staff is easy enough to describe.

The people going in to work each day at the DCMS
and Offcum all describe themselves as Cultural
experts, phone experts, media experts and sports experts, not
Internet experts. Instantly there is a conflict
of interest because Internet has nothing to do
with cultural experts, phone experts, media experts
and spurt expurts. Because they have no idea
what Internet is, they produce random ad hoc
bleats every now and then about Internet.
Under this regime, the UK has lost about a decade
worth of Smart City and Cloud technology lead,
and the results macro effects are clear to see.

1. No symmetric gigabit fiber Internet in London or UK
for 5G services to be rolled out. One 10gbit+ fiber per
lamp post every 300m needed to roll out 5G.
Philippines down 90th in Internet speed will roll out
5G in middle of 2019. So while average Internet speed is
a shiite 35th behind Madagasgar, in 5G matters in UK
is now below Philippines and 90th place.

The men of women of shiite organizations such as
DCMS, Open Roach BT (British Telecum), Offcum, VM
will have no idea what any of that means. They
go into work and make UK a shiitteier place
that the previous day.

2. There are no customers with symmetric gigabit fiber
internet in London and UK to roll out 5G services,
IoT, Big Data, Digital Services, AR, VR, AI, MI etc.
So Internet investors can't make any money because the
internet is shiite in London and UK.

3. The shiite people in DCMS, offcum, BT, Openroach, VM
can't be bothered to look into or
explain why their shiite 10gbit Internet
costs £50,000 to £100,000 while elsewhere like Singapore it can
be purchased for $200/m, all the while
the real price of 10gbit drops to $30/m.
For at least a million people in UK (some 3.4% of households, the
price is under £50 per 1gbit symmetric)
So is the DCMS and offcum made full of shiites or
is it they are just not up to the job?

4. The shiite phone cumpanies, cable cumpanies and media cumpanies can't
bring their costs down below £1000 average because they
have shiiitey phone and cable delivery electronics cabinets
while pure fiber companies manage below £150 per average
household and still in profit by year 2 having no
cabinets in the streets. They don't need it.
Their symmetric gigabit fiber Internet technology
is 20x cheaper to provision and 20x quicker to provision
because of lowest capex, and don't need repeaters managing
20km to 100km without repeated. London enough to
get to the exchange in one step with fusion splicers
that perfectly weld fibers in under 3 minutes
with 0.01dB loss (good for 100km runs).

The shiite people at the DCMS and offcum should do the right
thing by falling on their swords
and set up an independent fiber authority manned only
by fibre companies (no dual interests) to bring back
UK from the total disaster it is in due to their fault.
It won't get any better until the shiites do something
decent that requires personal sacrifices.
Kicking each other's nuts is not personal sacrifice
as offcum often seems to think. Kicking your own nuts
is personal sacrifice.

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