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Default How to tell if you need fast Internet

How to tell if you need fast Internet

Internet is now the back bone of Industry. Without Internet most companies
would stand to loose substantial amounts of income from the outage.

If the Internet is replaced with slow Internet,
the frustration and loss of productivity become unimaginable and incalculable.

So lets now assume your Internet speed is restored.

So by those same terms, if all your competitors and neighbors
have 20x higher speed Internet would you miss anything?

If you don't know the answer, flick the Internet connection
back to the slow Internet speed and go through all
the differences in behavior one by one.

First difference you note is that you will click email,
and wait 30 minutes for each attachment to come up.
You don't want that, so you settle for higher speed Internet.

Next, each web page takes 3 minutes to render.
Another reason for not wanting slow Internet.

Then the videos are jerky and unusable.
Another reason for not wanting slow Internet.

The staff are screaming at each other to see who is on the Internet
to get their priority work done first.
So now you don't want the screaming that goes with slow Internet.

The software developers update across international offices
and say they will do it by tomorrow. So now you don't want tomorrow
as an answer for everything to do with design sharing and
uploading and updating.

Now you can see why productivity stinks if your company
has slow Internet.

Its your money, and the staff are thrifting it away
fighting over Internet access to get their work done.

The amazing thing is that Offcum, BT (British Telecum) and Openroach
are completely blase about Internet speed.
They come in to work each day and make UK a worse place
than what is handed to them the previous day.

And then all that rubs off on you and your staff
productivity all the while offcum, BT, Openroach
are rolling in laughter.
Its your money and productivity they get to burn.

Everyone inluding all EEs join together and
get rid of these clowns now!

Loss of Britian's Productivity Linked To Lack of Symmetric Gigabit Fiber Internet

The London and UK has no symmetric gigabit fiber Internet unlike say Paris,
Singapore, Hong Kong and all the world's top cities.

London has shiiite Internet for new
Industry 4.0 technologies to be rolled out.

The loss of productivity is directly linked to lack of
gigabit symmetric fiber Internet.
There is no way to roll out productivity tools such as 5G, IoT, AI+Automation,
Digital Services etc for any startups in London or UK.

All of the current projects that get "inward Investment"
are fake and best described as shiiite polishers doing their best.
These investment are limited to investment in web shops.
These web shops take orders and service it with goods
from abroad charging fees and lowering average productivity
even further. The returns on the investments are taken out
of UK as profits resulting in further loss of productivity
of the whole of UK.

Productivity will only increase if all the latest
startups and their technologies are fully deployed
in London and UK and then investors choose to invest
in live projects that can be scaled and exported to
other countries to take orders and bring in revenues
pushing up average productivity.

But it won't happen while Offcum BT (British Telecum)
and Openroach all go to work each day making it a
worse country than yesterday because of their out
dated telecum issues. Collectively they all
need to disbanded, and the telecom market
liberalized to allow more ownership of fiber lines
by allowing start ups to enter the market and
rapidly expand instead of consolidation policies,
and removing all those who instigated the
out dated consolidation politics to get a fresh and
urgent start.

80% of UK is services based, and 92% of it is
services based in London with a population of 8 million
(more than 10% of UK). The shiite telecum
problems in London is easiest to sort out
with deregulation allowing duplication of operators
to fulfill demand wherever they can get customers.
Setting up a fiber only authority that is manned
by fiber companies, housing associations and businesses
should be first priority of any government
serious about fixing the abysmal record on
productivity now that it has been identified.

Gigabit Fiber- big Demand with £2000 Gaming PCs

There is no way to *fscking* way is it possible
to spend £2000 on a gaming PC and without
first spending £30 to £50 per month on
symmetric gigabit fiber Internet.

There is no *FSCKING* Symmetric Gigabit Fiber Internet
in London and UK unlike say Paris
thanks to offcum BT (British Telecum)
Openroach and chancellor who turns in for work
handing out 1.5 beelllion to BT to roll out copper
when fiber can be rolled out just as well at 20x cheaper
and 20x faster over the existing copper.

Every fiber company has told the chancellor not to
spend that 1.5 beellion extending copper and
instead spend it on extending fiber.
In fact they even said don't spend the money at
all, because its not needed to roll out gigabit symmetric fiber.

So every *FSCKING* Rich Parent who spent £2000 on a PC
only to be conned out of symmetric gigabit fiber Internet
now have some names to take down and go lecture to.

We need offcum to be removed and replaced with fiber
only regulator that has board members from residents
associations and fiber companies only. No 5G interests
and copper interests and dual interests etc.

Offcum introduces Dark Toilet Tax to replace Dark Fiber Tax

Offcum the stubborn shiite regulator of UK telecum manned
by illiterate trolls who have no idea what 5G, IoT, Digital Service etc
are that originally pushed for Dark Fiber Tax on behalf of
BT (British Telecum, a private corporation) is now
planning to replace it with Dark Toilet Tax.

Its a shiit tax.

Offcum reached notoriety for having introduced the Dark Fiber Tax
and pushed UK down to 35th place

These shiite Offcum regulators turn up for work each day to make
Britain a worse place to live.

The idea of shiite tax started with Window Tax.
It generated revenues for 150 years withstanding all legal challenges.
It has been laughed out of existence but not by Offcum shiite

The purpose of a shiite tax is to re-classify all that you own
into assets if you are deriving benefit from it
and then tax those assets for the benefits you receive from owning
those assets.

By taxing those assets, those who don't need those assets will
allow larger investors to buy up those assets and create
bigger entities because the assets are now 'scarce' because
there is a cost associated with ownership.
Just owning one will cost you money and if you
are not paying your taxes, you are committing an offence.

So the idea of Dark Toilet Tax is for investors to build
empire full of shiite. ****triums galore everywhere!!

If you are giving shiite, then investors will take
your shiite and charge you a small fee.

Regulations will be put into place to prevent you making
your own shiite holes. That deprives investors of their
daily shiite and Offcum's plans to consolidate
all shiite holes into mega national shiitriums services
by investors and inward investment.
Offcum will consult with Chancellor on new Dark Toilet Tax
and valuation officers will be in and out of every
toilet to make the job is done.

This job isn't done until Offcum sees a shiit carrying
toobes made of copper are installed in every village.

The reason for this move is it turns out
Dark Fiber is not an asset.
Its just a tool like all other tools.
Dark Fiber tax prevents ownership of fiber as only
big companies (who don't pay this tax any way)
will consolidate fiber.

And plenty of taxes such as VAT
are paid for fiber that is lit when they are lit
which is fair as its now in use, still not an asset,
but a tool for delivery of services.

So Dark Fiber Tax is to be abolished in favour of
Dark Toilet Tax at the request of shiite experts in Offcum.

Offcum has its Blue Peter moment with shiiite flying everywhere

The Blue Peter moment occurred on BBC Live TV when an elephant
realizing it was the only elephant in the room started to
spray shiite in all direction on Live Teevee when live teeveee had
to be watched to get an idea how elephantine shiit spreads in
a small studio on live teevee. I mean this elephant ran
around gave plenty of shiiit and didn't take any of it back.

Fast forward to today, and offcum the shiite regulators of
telecum does the same thing under the spot light.

For years it has been told it is shiite. They come into work each
day and make Britain a worse shiite place to live in than previous day.

The proof is putting Britain in 35th place
below Madagascar an African satellite island.

So Offcum realizing it is the only elephant in the room
that is full of shiite decides to spread some shiiite around.
It gave a press briefing saying it was disappointed with letting
down UK to 35th position.

Last year it was disappointed again, and gave the shiite note about
concerns but this year they are disappointed and claims again
it has (fake) concernes?

Thats it?!

If I am concerned, I usually reach into my
trouser pocket and master bait profusely.

If I am doubly concerned, I fish out my krone tool
as start pulling out cables and connect them
back again master baiting with my krone tool as
fast as I can.

If I am triply comcerned, I would master bait faster
until the krone tool fell off.

So why didn't they fish out their krone tools
after claiming they were concerned and master bait
profusely until their tool fell off?

No point in listening to fake concerns of offcum.
Their staff come into work daily to make UK a worse
place than the previous day they were handed with.

What we need is offcum to be replaced with fiber only regulator.

Only organizations that represent fiber and those
that stand to benefit from fiber roll out may participate.
People with dual interests to represent such as 5G or
copper infrastructure need not apply.

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