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Default Hyperopricks of this world admit no symmetric gbit Fiber for Londoners

Hyperopricks of this world admit no symmetric gbit Fiber for Londoners

Its about as bad as it gets.

The Hyperopricks of this world let slip that
the are only doing tower blocks
whilst pretending to install fiber Internet for the
masses which they are NOT going to install.
No one will install fiber for the masses.

That applies to all the current batch of p ricks claiming
to install fiber. The so called cummunity fiber is
another fsck the community piggie in the ass type or operation
relying on cabling up smaller tower blocks.
These fscking p ricks are not man enough to
admit any of their loser policies in their web ****e.

In short, all the fscking useless turnips that
claim to be doing fiber are all lying unless
you own a tower block you ain't getting it.

This means all the investors set up in London/UK for roll
out of IoT, 5G, Smartcities, Digital Services etc
are all wasting time, unlike say moving to Paris.

Lot of China investors in Old Street Covent Garden
etc who bought into a lot of expensive offices (x50 compared
to China) are being conned by UK government officials in
DCMS and Ofcom.

After spending a lot of money on IoT projects for example, nothing
has rolled out. There is no Internet of Fiber with
1gbit symmetric gbit fiber Internet to roll out ANYTHING
anywhere in London.

Now these same fscking losers are pushing for 5G trials.
They are UTTER ASSP FSCKERS. What about all the IoT
projects that are ready?
So now we going to waste all that money doing fake
trials with 5G to placate the investors. Start by
installing masts 500m apart instead of 300m due
to oxygen absorption. Its set up to fail. There
is no symmetric gbit fiber Internet in London - so they are
rationing the fibers at £85,000 for 10gbit while
the rest of the world moves on to $30/10gbit.

And then they going to claim 5G is too expensive to
roll out while the rest of the world finish
their infrastructure in under 3 years.

There is massive (about $1 trillion+) spend
on at the moment. Obviously nothing for the UK
whether its 5G, IoT, Smartcity. But amazingly
all the pooliticians and government departments
take huge amounts of tax payer moneeey pretending
to do a lot. In fact they have achieved exactly
less than nothing. Currently UK down from 31 to 35
at a cost of -£111 to UK business.

It shows when you go abroad. Even in China,
the mobile phones work underground and on all trains.
And you can pay for anything anywhere with

In the mean time, the oriffice of Mayor is
posing thrifting time in biki for photo shoots:

It all makes sense now.

They getting paid by tax payer, they get attention, they
get to be bikini babes, they get to become idiots,
but we get nothing.