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Default Fake Fiber Roll Out Fraud Hits Britain Big Time

Fake Fiber Roll Out Fraud Hits Britain Big Time

This is a complex fraud involving big telecom like BT (British Telecum),
VM, Openroach and those in know at Offcom and DCMS all
pretending to 'roll out fiber' when the
largest percentage of connections per payment
of government grant amounts to 'roll out of copper'.

Big telecom demands money from government with
public fanfare for 'fiber' or they will sack workers.

Government obliges thinking its a great bargain.

Telecom incumbent then installs one fiber
(or a very small number of fibers), then invoices
government for the full amount.
The government pays each of those fibers the maximum subsidy.

Telecom incumbent then does the dirty.

Because they have not installed a large number of fibers during
that installation, they ration the bandwidth in the small fibers
at full cost ($100,000 + VAT + Dark Fiber Taxes for 10gbit
+ $1000 per 200m surcharge). No one will buy it of course,
because the intention is to connect that fiber to
copper multiplexers and jam around 100 to 1000 phone
lines and copper Internet lines per fiber.

A genuine fiber company on the other hand would lay
into the ground thousands of bundles as needed and
leave an unsolicited box near each set of houses at
an average cost of $150 per box with the fibers curled up inside.

If a customer wanted a connection, they pay $150
for a cable to be run from their house to the box where
they are spliced into a dedicated fiber with 0.01db
loss and connected all the way back to the nearest
data center where the routers are.

The fake fiber install is very calculating and deceptive business practices
the government needs experts to understand. There is not
enough fiber in those installs because those installs are
for expanding copper circuits while over charging for
direct fiber connection. All done intentionally.

There is enough space in ducts to install at least 900 billion
fiber cables when the copper is stripped out.
At present 1 million are lit. At least 100 million
fiber lines already exist that could be lit.
There are only 26 million households in
the whole of UK!! By charging $100,0000+ for each fiber,
artificial scarcity is created despite plenty being
available. These numbers no company will
reveal because they will get prosecuted after
having taken so much money from government
and then lied. They are based on visiting
and inspecting physical ducts and having
conversations with telecom engineers.