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Default UK politicians should only ask for Symmetric Fibre Internet on behalf of UK plc

UK politicians should only ask for Symmetric Fibre Internet on behalf of UK plc

Politicians in UK with shiite education will always call for "broadband internet"
because they have no idea what it means.

UK politicians should only ask for "symmetric fibre internet" because it is
20 times lower cost to provision, 20 times more cheaper than "broadband internet"
and 20 times quicker to provision than "broadband internet".

Don't be a Micheal Gove landing in shiite speaking things he know
nothing of and getting exposed like a prick
or start parroting the rot inside the government spearheaded
by offcum selling "broadband internet" when they should be selling
20x cheaper "Symmetric Fibre Internet" for UK plc.

Micheal Gove a complete thiick shiiite MP

Micheal Gove is a complete thiickshiiite of an MP
and made right asss of it, himself and his stuuupid
persona all in one shiiting apparently.

Firstly, he/government(s) should NEVER ask for broadband.
He should only ask for gigabit symmetric fibre internet.

The difference is like asking for a £100 bucket of shiite
instead of £5 bucket of gold.

Broadband is 20x times costlier to provision than gigabit
symmetric fibre internet so why does the troll even think
of mentioning broadband when he could just as well have got
himself an education and called for 20x cheaper gigabit symmetric
fibre internet?

1 Gigabit symmetric is cheaper to provision than broadband
at ANY price. The likes of B4RN is provisioning it at £30
per month in rural areas and make a handsome profit on it.
While broadband requires payment of telephone line rental
before you got internet. Since telephone line rental
must legally be added to the broadband internet fee,
there isn't anything out there at 1gbit for £30 per month
to beat fibre by any broadband any time soon.

So there is no point in calling for broadband for UK plc.
You have to be a thiick shhiiite as a Micheal Gove to
even breath the crap words.
The only thing you can call for is gigabit symmetric fibre internet
Micheal Gove for UK plc, and do it with absolute clarity.

The second point about countryside not getting internet
is down to thiiick land owners stitching it up for themselves
and for everybody by asking for more money for internet
compared to water and electricity - which is now illegal.

So government, how about telling the farmers and land
owners in the countryside to fsck off and sort out some
maps for the countryside showing safe and free passage for fibre?
Then they can have mobile masts installed and cabled up,
and gigabit fibre internet like the ones already rolled out
by B4RN.

The third point is that symmetric fibre internet is 20 times faster
to roll out in UK cities and countryside than broadband which requires
copper wires and electrical power with brick lined
ducts everywhere to prevent water ingress and 20x more
expensive equipment to provision the connections.
This means money is tied up in equipment purchases
and slow roll out.
Unlike fibre where a small pipe is all you need
and a narrow trench to get the 100+ core fibre in for under $2
per meter. The SFP modems
are $14 for gigabit, and fibre routers start at
around $600 these days which means the bulk of the
cost is the fibre laying process. This is 20x less
and costs £150 per household to provision compared
to around £800 per house if using Openroach and BT
(British Telecum).