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Default $270 for 3km 4 core outdoor fibre to cable up Brex**** plc

Paul Cummins wrote:

The results are usually better than 0.01db loss.

Not possible... you cannot measure luminosity loss in dB.

Oh what a fsck titi !!!

Go back to kindergarten playskool now!

Again, you canot measure loss in luminosity (light conductance) in dB

Firsty because dB as such do not exist, and secondly without defining
what the dB are measuring, your claim is meaningless, ergo false, ergo
you are lying again.

Quelle Surprise.

Yes mrs fsckititi with exploding tities, you should be
surprised to learn dB is not a measure of luminosity.
Playskool beckons you back.

This the kind of BT(Britsh Telecum) Offcon, Openroach
fraudsters frequenting broadband discussions to frequenting
government circles to express how delighted they are paying £30
for 50p worth internet to prevent everyone moving up
to 1gbit fibre broadband.