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Money with expiry date
What if my salary expired after 90 days? I would have to spend, invest, or lose the money, saving is not an option. With elecronic cash, it would be possible to track each pound and give it a date after which it would no longer be valid. An advantage of this is that the currency could be gold backed (cheating?) or limited by maths (* la bitcoin). However GDP should go up, creating...
December 9th 17 02:12 PM
by Dave
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Retirement options?
Posting on behalf of a (real) friend. He is 54, has 90k in savings, no mortgage, no kids and a pension from his previous employer of around 5k a year. He reckons he could take redundancy from his current employer (£4k), "retire" and live off of the savings and pension until he hits 67 when he can start drawing the State Pension. He says he and his wife will cheerfully cut back on...
December 2nd 17 07:04 PM
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Use Brexshit VAT to fund UBI
Use Brex**** VAT to fund UBI ---------------------------- After exiting the EU, its easy to take the VAT money and distribute the VAT wealth that was being given to the EU and give it to UK nationals as Universal Basic Income UBI for everyone. The world is increasing its automation, to run towards this automation pay out
November 24th 17 11:56 AM
by 7[_2_]
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want to purchase BG..
November 16th 17 07:01 PM
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Pusnet et al must include line rental when advertising
Pusnet et al must include line rental when advertising ----------------------------------------------------- https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2017/11/asa-forces-uk-business-isps-include-line-rental-costs-broadband.html Quuaaaackkkhhh....!!! So how many *fscking* customers have been robbed of a fair deal from buying pure fibre by krone tool master baiting telecum trolls hiding line rental...
November 15th 17 06:17 PM
by 7[_2_]
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Tax evasion, law and direct democracy UK
Tax evasion, law and direct democracy UK After the Paradise Papers and similar leaks, "Britain can tackle tax avoidance", says Prem Sikka. Iniref: For that we need stronger, citizen-led democracy Prof. Prem Sikka, financial ace now at Sheffield University, has written a constructive piece which not only shows how large-scale tax refusal works but also puts forward ways to develop remedies....
November 12th 17 07:53 PM
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Question about shares
I know of a small company which has recently increased its share capital very slightly by creating 100 shares at 1p each to two people which have no voting rights and only a discretionary right to dividends. The two people have got essentially the same sort of shares but in different "classes". Whey would anyone want to sell - or buy - such a thing? The new shareholders aren't directors or even...
November 7th 17 10:44 PM
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BEWA Fake email from buiding society
I received an email today purporting to be from the Chelsea Building Society with the subject line "We're making some important changes". It is very professional and at first I thought it was genuine as it correctly quoted part of my postcode. It was addressed to my yahoo account and originated in Germany. None of the links in the email are listed on the Chelsea Building Society website. I've...
October 25th 17 01:27 PM
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What do you think of the Bitcoin ? Still an opportunity or very riskynow ?
Hello, what do you think of the Bitcoin as investment, still an opportunity or it's very risky now ? -- http://zetrader.info & http://zetrader.fr http://pierre.aribaut.com - http://zeforums.com
October 23rd 17 10:30 PM
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Some daytraders winning here ? How do you deal with the lack ofvolatility on stock index ?
Hello, with the lack of volatility of stock index, there's still some daytraders here ? Winning, losing or wasting time ? -- http://zetrader.info & http://zetrader.fr http://pierre.aribaut.com - http://zeforums.com
October 19th 17 10:34 PM
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Creaking copper - the greatest lie ever sold by Bhtee master baiters to UK
Creaking copper - the greatest lie ever sold by Bhtee master baiters to UK -------------------------------------------------------------------------- To get more money for fake creeking cupper - bhtee krone tool master baiters have been with the help of offconn telling the greatest of all lies about telecum industry to government for decades. Bhtee offconn Openoroach have cheated City companies...
October 15th 17 12:00 AM
by 7[_2_]
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Transport for fsckies TFL has climbed down and agrees to meet Uber
Transport for fsckies TFL has climbed down and agrees to meet Uber ------------------------------------------------------------------ Transport for Fsckies TFL has finally climbed down off their ivory towards and moves some ass to meet Uber. Still no public explanation of why they did not meet with Uber earlier despite almost a million petition (half of it in one day) telling Transport for...
September 30th 17 01:43 PM
by 7[_2_]
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Conservative MP says Transport for Fskers TFL never approached Uber with demands
Conservative MP says Transport for Fskers TFL never approached Uber with demands -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is something very different from the fake news by unions, taxi drivers, TFL, Beebeeshee, labour pooliticians and Mayor Khan and his fake news trolling department. 1 million Londoners' journeys a week put at risk by closet clowns...
September 24th 17 02:22 PM
by 7[_2_]
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Joint Account Tax Liability
My dad has asked me to open a joint share dealing account with him, to help him buy and sell shares, using only his money. I will receive no payment or benefits from it. My question is, will I be liable for its income or capital gains taxes, or can I be exempt, since I am playing a purely administrative role? How do I declare this to HMRC? Thanks very much in advance.
September 20th 17 09:53 AM
by tg[_2_]
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Fake fibre sold by VM BT Offconn Openroach no good for gaming and social media
replying to 7, ExPatBrit wrote: Couldn't agree more. Our village, just 20 crow miles from Stansted has only just got a viable Internet service - using a private company that has the broadband backbone connect by radio to our church steeple. From there it radiates to each home through the air to a dish on the house. Only my neighbour was told he is out of luck because "them two trees over there...
September 15th 17 01:34 PM
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Any benefits for employer taking on long term unemployed
Some years ago, there were payments made to employers who took on long term unemployed, ie more than 6 months, for taking them on and then monthly payments after too. Do these still exist? I thought they were removed through the austerity cuts and not replaced? Am I wrong here. Even the Work Programme stopped taking new participants on 1 April 2017 Are there any better forums for asking...
August 21st 17 11:29 AM
by Fredxxx
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IAG Shares (ex-BA)
As a UK born and resident national and ex-employee of the now Spanish-owned so-called British Airways I have some shares given to me many years ago. It would be wdely known that IAG / BA refused to pay dividends on such for many years. But now they are paying a paltry return - redued by exorbitant Spanish tax together with a poor Euro to GBP exchange rate. My question now is do I have to declare...
July 31st 17 09:52 AM
by CJB
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Linux makes the new richest man in the world
Linux makes the new richest man in the world -------------------------------------------- Linux now made the richest man in the world all because it is free and anyone can take it and make themselves the richest man in the world. Jeff Bezos is richest man in the world and he also has more Linux computers in the world
July 28th 17 07:29 PM
by 7[_2_]
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BT fraudulent fake prices for leased line in London
BT (British Telecum / Openroach) fraudulent fake prices for leased line in London --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The more you insist you want a company to supply you with 1 gigabit symmetric fibre like Hyperoptic, B4RN, Gigaclear, Cityfibre, Venus, etc in London, the more you are told Bhtee with Deutche Telecum rip off merchant big investor and...
July 5th 17 05:04 PM
by 7[_2_]
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where to watch option prices for DJIA, FTSE-100?
Where is the best place to watch index option prices, say for the DJIA and FTSE-100 and for a range of strike prices? It doesn't matter if they are a bit lagged. Thanks! Harry
July 4th 17 07:49 PM
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Programs from 1m(When you sign with the bank), and 2m (When you signwith the trader)
PROCEDURES TO ENTER INTO INVESTMENT PROGRAMS/PPP and HYIP Programs from 1m(When you sign with the bank), and 2m (When you sign with the trader) 1.- Personalized Analysis and Assessment Our team of lawyers and economist will at all times be responsible for advising the client in a detailed and personalized manner. Depending on the clients assets, each case will be studied independently and the...
July 4th 17 06:20 PM
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BT and Openroach Lies about leased line?
BT and Openroach Lies about leased line? ---------------------------------------- BT (British Telecum) with biggest thieving of public purse Deutch Telecum owner of BT following the same corrupt practices as they do in Germany with the least best telecum network in EU, have for years been milking UK plc with fake leased line invoicing.
July 4th 17 05:50 PM
by 7[_2_]
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Classic Clones UK
June 18th 17 06:25 PM
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Profit on House Sale - Taxable?
If the property has been let out for a year, but this is in the middle of long periods of years when this was the primary property, does that muddy the waters? You would be best to answer the questions, on the "you may have to pay some Capital Gains Tax" link, on the page I gave. However, as I read it, if it really was only one instance and only one year, that can be discounted.
June 17th 17 11:10 PM
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Anyone started getting ready to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force next May 2018??
June 13th 17 10:28 PM
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UNDERSTANDING PLATFORM TRADING. Platform trading utilizes the expertise of qualified traders who are capable of engaging in the purchase and sale of investmentgrade bank debentures in the wholesale market. The trading operation is normally referred to as "controlled" or "managed" bank debenture trading because the supply side of the financial instruments and the “exit buyer” for the financial...
May 26th 17 01:26 PM
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Mastercard introduces card with built-in fingerprint scanner
Mastercard has unveiled a new card that comes with a fingerprint scanner, allowing consumers to make purchases without the card ever leaving their hands. It builds on fingerprint scanning technology currently available in smartphones, and can be used at EMV terminals worldwide, the company says. The technology was tested in South Africa, in two separate trials. One was with Pick n Pay, while...
April 22nd 17 08:54 PM
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UK businesses without a website are losing a lot of money
There are almost two million small and medium-sized businesses in the UK that don't own a website, and combined they're losing £343 billion every year. This is according to new research by Approved Index, which claims SMEs without websites (a total of 1.98 million of them) are missing out on £173,769 per business, per year. Smaller businesses would benefit the most from introducing a...
April 6th 17 01:26 PM
2 Replies

IHT - Foreign Assets
I am a UK resident and taxpayer. My parents are not UK citizens, do not live in UK, and do not own any assets in UK. My question is, if I inherit their assets (all outside UK) in future, am I liable for any UK inheritance tax? Thanks in advance. Cheers,
March 6th 17 07:03 AM
by tg[_2_]
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Private mortgage
I've moved house and haven't yet sold the previous one, which is owned outright. Over the winter my nephew has been living there and now is interested in buying it but would struggle to get a traditional mortgage due to th nature of his work. From my point of view I need some capital and some income to supplement my pension. With this in mind I wonder what happens if I go along the lines of...
February 28th 17 08:23 AM
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P800 calculation
Today I received a P800 calculation from HMRC telling me I owe them £1,340 underpaid tax from 2015-16. However, the calculation includes an £889 underpayment from 2014-15 which I am currently paying back via a reduced tax code - it will be fully repaid by the end of this tax year. Is the P800 calculation wrong or is this how they work? Collect it once, then collect it again and hope I don't...
February 24th 17 06:44 PM
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Insurance - Large difference between renewal and new quotes
I've just got my annual renewal quotation for my house buildings and contents insurance. It's 400. I have lived in this house for nearly 40 years, and have never made any insurance claims. Although I appreciate the benefit of swapping insurance companies from time to time, I rarely actually make the change. However, as 400 does seem a bit OTT, I've started to get some online quotations -...
February 16th 17 08:51 PM
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UK economy rebalancing thanks to lower pound
wrote: https://www.ft.com/content/d394dcbc-e9f4-11e6-893c-082c54a7f539 For Frederick and friends: Survey data seems to show economic balance is shifting from services to manufacturing thanks to the weak pound. You are so fscking stupid.
February 6th 17 03:15 PM
by 7[_2_]
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Checking when I opened ISAs
My financial files are a bit of a shambles. Pending much overdue housekeeping and phoning around, I'm not sure whether I've already used my ISA allowance for the current (2016-17) tax year. Presumably HM Revenue & Customs have a database to police the rules although I suspect it's unlikely to be impressively up to date. If such a database exists, can the public access it, directly or indirectly?
January 24th 17 10:05 AM
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David Cameroon to launch new Tory Part of The EU
David Cameroon to launch new Tory Part of The EU ------------------------------------------------ David Cameroon the one time Brex**** loser is presently asking for donations to launch a new Conservative Party and a new EU project aiming to bring together ideas of free trade and a boarderless Eurup. In this new Eurup, everyone is free to come and go, but those who enter the UK will be asked to...
January 7th 17 03:07 PM
by 7[_2_]
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Settling debts after death
My wife will be the sole owner of our house when I die. Will she have to sell the house to pay off my debts?
January 6th 17 09:49 PM
by Ryder
7 Replies

Pensions and reduced allowance for high incomes
I hope this group isn't completely dead! I'm trying to make sense of the calculations for the reduced ('tapered') pension annual allowance. Hypothetical person gets paid £180K. They also contribute 5K into a pension via salary sacrifice and their employer matches that 5K. (set up before 8th july 2015) They also pay another 8K into a separate pension that then claims the 2K tax relief. (tax...
January 5th 17 07:43 PM
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Financial Times - very disappointed
All, I usually look at re-jigging my portfolio of UK stocks and bonds at the beginning of the year. Rather than looking individually on my Hargreaves internet account, I thought it would be nice to see them all on a written page, so I purchased today's FT. The main market section does not seem to show many of the stocks I
January 5th 17 01:15 PM
by fred
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China opens 18 day freight train service from China to UK
China opens 18 day freight train service from China to UK --------------------------------------------------------- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/02/china-launches-freight-train-britain/ Ships take about a month for container transport, planes about 3 days or more and is expensive to very expensive for heavy cargo, but heavy containers now can travel between China and UK directly in...
January 3rd 17 01:48 PM
by 7[_2_]
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Why does NatWest take payments early?
Not something I'll lose sleep over, but I'm curious... Just checked my NatWest online current a/c statement (00:30 on 1/1/2017). The most recent two entries are dated 3/1/2017. About 220 in total, taken two days earlier than the scheduled standing order date of Tuesday 3rd January. Multiply a few hundred thousand times and that's a tidy bit of illegitimate interest going to Natwest, isn't it?
January 1st 17 12:38 AM
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Policy Holder
Dear Sir, Policy No.28033827 - Ref. 3030/9328 - Statement date. 9 Nov 1986 Plan Name. Manulife Independent Pension Arrangement - Type B Retirement Dt. 15/!2/1995 I would like to draw your attention that I have been living In Mumbai, India for the last 28 years and it is possible/likely you may have written some letters to my old address in Harrow, Middx. which must have gone to astray due to...
December 18th 16 07:36 PM
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Manufacturers Life
On Thursday, 8 February 2001 14:52:26 UTC+5:30, Roy Bailey wrote: I am trying to contact The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company. The last address I had, in 1989, was Manulife House, St George's Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 1 HP. A letter to this address has been returned marked 'Addressee has gone away', and the telephone number no longer works. Does anyone have any information...
December 15th 16 12:53 PM
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no vat receipt for item,can I then sell it on iwith VAT?
Quick question, I've purchase an item from someone whom isn't vat registered. However the item brought elsewhere is vatable when brought from someone vat registered. As I've purchased this from someone not registered with VAT, can I still charge VAT on top when selling?
December 9th 16 09:21 AM
2 Replies

define the sender
Greetings. you may find more information at http://www.usps.gov; As a drawback this sample source sounds interesting or new delivery or pick-up requests. road reduced the end-to-end cost of transporting and delivering parcels. The carrier driving the last mile would also benefit by having Postal Service and other postal and logistics companies are using static
December 1st 16 12:42 PM
by dora
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NSI Index Linked Certificates
Savers about to renew their certificates for three years are being offered RPI * 0.01%. Without a crystal ball how can anyone contemplate them? Bill.
October 20th 16 08:04 PM
8 Replies

Should be moderated
What's happened to these forums? This legal forum is full of absolute rubbish. Why isn't it being moderated????
October 12th 16 12:38 PM
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How to treat a purchase from a EC member state on the VAT return.
Hi I just wondered if you can give some advice on the following.... We have recently used a supplier in another EC Member State, they have printed for us brochures at a cost of £25000 (no vat as zero rated) These brochures have then been delivered to us in the UK. The printers have issued us an invoice in sterling Now when it comes to filling in the VAT return, would I need to: Show this...
July 26th 16 08:26 PM
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what would an investor buy to gamble on a NATO-Russia war
On 25/05/2016 21:43, Harold Davis wrote: Recently retired NATO general Richard Shirreff, who was Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR) until 2014, has warned about the possibility of a NATO-Russia war in 2017. The trouble, in his scenario, would start in the Baltic area. If an investor (let's call him Beelzebub) wanted to gamble on this possibility, what would he buy...
July 10th 16 12:39 AM
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What do you prefer for trading ? Forex or stock indexes ?
Hello, what's better in your opinion, trading forex or stock indexes ? -- http://zeforums.com finance et biologie
May 16th 16 08:43 AM
11 Replies

Making money with Linux
Making money with Linux ----------------------- The whole idea of making money with Linux has always been you can set up your own distros and own markets add content and charge what you want. You don't need permission from anyone. Evidently google and many other companies are adept at it. They have put Linux into their server farms and their smartphones,
April 23rd 16 10:58 PM
by 7[_2_]
10 Replies

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